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Today's Direct Mail Company, Must Use All Of The Tools Available.

1) Upgrade Your Mail List – It’s a marketing fact that 60% to 70% of a direct mail piece’s results are directly correlated to the list. In layman’s terms: the better the list, the better results. Fortunately, a list could be upgraded for just pennies, while often increasing results 10% to 20% or even more.

  • Upgrade EDDM to Saturation – There’s a reason EDDM revenues have been declining at nearly 10x the rate of regular Standard Mail. It’s not as effective, postage is higher, and the USPS often mishandles it.
  • Upgrade Saturation to Saturation w/ Response Boosters – For as little as $1/M, you can remove your worst performing households, while typically keeping saturation postage. Since introducing Response Boosters a little over a year ago, it has been our biggest new product launch ever.
  • Upgrade Consumer Data w/ Free Selects to Consumer Data w/ Premium Selects – Premium Selects such as our 3,500 Propensities, PersonicX, and others have been proven to work. We had a customer receive 12% response with a Propensity for a restaurant client of theirs. Try them out and your clients will thank you later.
  • Upgrade Basic Business to a Business Platinum List – For not much more than a normal Business list cost, you can get phones, contacts, a handful of free selects and multi-use. We carry both Dunn & Bradstreet and InfoGroup databases. Work with us to find out which one is best for your customers’ mailings.

Call our saturation mailing expert Mike Stork (817) 429-6245

2) We Offer More Products 

  • Additional Direct Mail Ideas – Have you tried birthday mailings? How about New Mover mailings? These are ongoing campaigns that, if they work, can generate additional revenues.
  • Add An Email to Any List – With our Consumer and Velocity Auto lists, it is as easy as checking a box and having emails come with the file (emails are charged like a select - no additional minimum applies). Other lists we offer can be appended with emails. Use emails to use email marketing to help dial in your entire brand and multi-faceted marketing campaign! You need to oordinate online marketing efforts with your direct mail efforts.
    Find out how it works here with our free download: Synchronized Marketing
  • Deliver an Email Campaign – Scheduling an email marketing campaign in conjunction with direct mail is a great way to improve results and increase revenues. We can help you with email counts, deployment, and reporting. Contact your rep for assistance on your next campaign.

3) Get More Business – Everyone can use more customers. Below are some low-hanging fruit on gaining new ones.

  • Ask for Referrals – It never hurts to ask for referrals. Offer incentives for those who give them to you.
  • An Old Customer Can Be a New Customer – See who hasn’t purchased from you in a while, and find out why.
  • Targeted Marketing – Call, email or send out direct mail to companies in industries you’ve had success with in the past.
  • Sign Up For a Lead Generation Service – Our  program has been around for over 20 years. While it’s not going to replace good old fashion prospecting, it’s a great way to pick up some new clients every year. Jobs range from a few hundred pieces to a confirmed client that mailed 10MM pieces a month for half a year. Call Mike Stork, our Lead Generation expert, at 817-429-6245.