History Of West Mail

Founded In 1992, Mike Stork, the owner of West Mail, has consistently directed the company to new heights every year.

In 1991, while sitting in church, Mike heard an announcement that a congregation of 400 people in Tennessee were raising money and planning on doing an elaborate mailing to every household in the United States.

At the time, Mike worked for Advo Inc., the largest mailer of "marriage mail" in the United States. With a few meetings and a presentation that showed the church how to save over $4,000,000 on their mailing, Mike (and Advo) helped the church successfully mail the entire United States. At the time there were over 103,000,000 residents that were delivered . The mailer resulted in over 300,000 responses.

With the commission from the mailing, Mike started his own direct mail company, doing more traditional mailers. The first "anchor account" was a Physician recruiter. The company mailed hundreds of thousands of pieces every month to physicians by specialty (among other criteria).


The company went on to buy  ATA Mailer in Ft Worth in 1994, thereby expanding the client base and the efficiency of processing the mail. Today, Mike helps clients do thousands of mailers every year.


Mike attended Oklahoma Christian College, graduating with a Mass Communications degree.

 Mike (in the middle) standing on about 20 million pieces of mail ready for the post office.